Current courses

Stat 406 Methods for Statistical Learning (2022W1)

Stat 550 Techniques of Statistical Consulting (2022W2)

Stat 548 PhD Qualifying Papers

Links to materials from old courses


  • Stat 535a Topics in Computational Statistics: Convex Optimization (2021W1)

At Indiana University, Bloomington

  • S100 Statistical Literacy (Sp20)

  • S432 Applied Linear Models II (Sp16) (Sp17) (Sp18)(Sp20)

  • S771/S772/785 Seminar on Statistical Theory (Fa16) (Sp17)(Fa19–Sp20)

  • S782 Topics in Statistical Learning Theory (Fa17)

At the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

  • 41-911 Advanced Econometrics (Aut18)

At the Institute for New Economic Thinking

  • Short Course on Machine Learning (Sp13) (Sp15) — As part of the Young Scholars Institute at the INET Hong Kong conference from 2–3 April 2013, Darren Homrighausen and I taught a course on statistical learning. I retaught the course in New York, 24–26 February 2015.

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